What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

A mobile friendly site is considered friendly if it has the following characteristics:

Please note that this is our views as to what a “mobile friendly” website should be and not necessary are those deemed as “mobile friendly” by Google, although we believe that our views, if implemented, would make any websites easier to use on a mobile phone.

Minimized scrolling

User does not need to scroll a lot (left-right particularly) just to read the full page information. In short, it is responsive to the mobile device used to access the website. However, having a responsive website does not mean it is totally mobile friendly because of the following factors:

Ease to access important contact information

In additional to providing contact details (such as company address, email address, website address, etc.) and social media information (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), it has a Tap-to-Call Button that allows users to call your company easily for more information directly from the phone

Make use of Videos

As reading is more difficult on a mobile phone, a mobile friendly website makes use of short video and images to feed the user crisp information about the company

Google Map and Directions

It contains a map on how to get to your company address