Frequently Asked Questions For Mobilereflect.com


Frequently asked questions about Mobilereflect

    •  Your new mobile website is a great marketing tool. It can help you increase your customer base in a very short time. You can print your mobile website address on your business cards, your company brochures, signboards and other advertising media. When your customers use their mobile phones to access your mobile website they can use the easy Tap-to- Call button to reach you/your company
    • Your new mobile website name could be shorten to one easily remembered by your customers, which indirectly guaranteed to increase visits by your clients/customers
    • Unlike your main website, your mobile website is designed to house only vital information with user accessibilities on the go in mind
    • Your new mobile website allows you to have up to 3 videos (submitted by you) to introduce your company’s product and services or to advertise for your clients and customers. They will be well-informed and are able to take action almost immediately by using the Tab-to-call button. If you do not already have the videos, we can help you design the videos to meet your requirements. Check us out at nothingbutvids.com
    • Your new mobile website serves as a back up to your main website because it is created separately. If your main website is down, your customers can still get hold of you


    • Your new mobile website is a standalone website served as a subdomain either by a third party hosting company or by our own domain site, currently mobilereflect.com. As an example, if you decide to name your mobile website 123, then the mobile website will have the following URL or site address: http://bit.do/123 (shortened URL from http://sbpro/12389888 as an example of third party hosting company) or http://123.mobilereflect.com under our domain
    • The beauty of having your new mobile website being served as a subdomain (as opposed to setup a completely new domain on the internet) is that you actually saved some money in hosting services
    • Your new mobile website will not affect the functionality of your current website as it has its own unique URL. However, your mobile website will definitely enhance the ease of accessibility of your company information
    •  Your new mobile website also contains a link to your website which can be tapped to access regardless whether the user is using a desk top or a mobile phone. However, it is obvious that if your current main website is not mobile responsive, it will not look nice on your mobile phone
    • Yes, subject to you installing a redirect script/program/plugin to your main website. This will automatically redirect to the mobile website. Based on the mobile devices your users are using, the mobile website will be responsive to the sizes of the phones and will be shown correctly without scrolling left and right
    • OR a simpler way is to use the QR code that we provide and paste it on your main website
    • OR you could create a link to the mobile website address on your main website
    • Although the main website could automatically redirect to the mobile website when the user accessed your main website (using a script) by mobile phone and make it easier/convenient for the users, and may even make you feel more secure that everything is under one roof, there are actually disadvantages:
    • When your main website is down, your mobile website becomes difficult to access because users are “used to” access your main website (rather than remembering your independent mobile website address). This is because they would be reroute automatically each time they are using a mobile device to access your website. The situation is similar to you logging your friend’s telephone number as a name in the Contact List. When you lost your phone, you cannot recall his/her telephone number. 
    • Detection in the script could sometimes be wrong resulting a non-responsive mobile website on to the mobile device. This normally happens when the user is using a less well known mobile phone or device with an operating system that is outdated or unknown
    • Inserting/Installing a script or plugin into your website is complicated by the fact that you need to unlock your system to consultants, and depending on the software and platform you are using, it might mess up the functionalities of your entire system if not careful, short of mentioning you need to do a lot of testings to ensure that the system is stable after the installation
    • Although we will provide the script/program for automatic redirect from your main website to your mobile website, we do not provide the installation services
    • We reserve the right to charge you US$50 (HK$385) per change within the first one month from the date you submitted the form we sent you after you purchased our services. Hence, it is important that you take completing the form accurately and seriously. We are confident that you would find this imposition mutual beneficial down the road, not to forget that if you do it right the first time, your mobile website would be up and running that much sooner
    • After the first month after your form submission, we reserve the rights to charge you US$100 (HK$775) per change
    • No charges would be imposed if we decide to upgrade our softwares, domains, subdomains, hosting, servers, and services across the board for all our customers
    • No charges would be applied if you fill-in and/or reply to our "information update" email we send out periodically. This is to ensure that your information is up to date in our system for your benefits, not to forget we also like to keep our database as accurate as possible. Failure to fill-in and/or reply to our "information update" email may result in your mobile website being removed without further notice
    • In short, we only charge if the initiation of changes is from you
    • Yes, money back guarantee provided the following:
      • That your form and necessary attachments are sent to us completed in its entirety
      • That you do not change anything after the initial submission of the form
    • Note that the 72-hour turnaround does not include the time internet and/or hosting services use to propagate your mobile website, during which your site is not accessible. This is something outside of our controls. In another word, let’s say we setup your site within the 72 hours timeframe, and for some reasons it is not propagated by internet till 2 days later, that is not our fault. However, not to worry because in general your site should be propagated within the timeframe we setup your mobile website, provided that your form and necessary attachments are sent to us in its entirety the first time
    • We believe that is pretty much it! But please remember that although we are using a reputable hosting and/or third party hosting company, we cannot be held responsible if the hosting service is down for any reasons. We also cannot be held responsible for the loading speed of your mobile website as there are too many variants that could affect the speed, many of which are outside of our controls, even if we could identify and single out the variants which is highly impossible