Our Services

Mobile Website Building

We are specialized in building a mobile website for you the easy and correct way. To ease readership of your mobile website we use of short videos and images provided by you, failing which we would provide a standard video. We will ensure all your contact information is within one roof so that users could reach your company information at ease using a mobile device. It even contains a Tap-to-Call Button for user to call you immediately for more information if necessary!

What are included in our service fees?

Your  Mobile Website will look similar to the demo website under our “Website Simulator” Page with the following pages and services: 

  1. “About Us” and/or “Our Services” Page
  2. “Contact Us” Page including a Tap-to-Call button and all your other forms of contacts such as
    • Fax number
    • Email address
    • Main website URL
    • Company Address
    •  A “Email Us” Page
  3. A “Video” Page where we could enclose 3 videos. We will provide a “Complementary”  video if you do not have one. The Complementary Video is included in “Sponsors Video” Page of the demo site as an example
  4. A “Gallery” Page to display your products
  5. A “vCard” Page for your clients/customers to download your Contact information directly to their phones. Please ensure you scroll down on the Menu of the demo site to see the example
  6. A “Site QR” Page for your clients/customers to share your mobile site. Please ensure you scroll down on the Menu of the demo site to see the example
  7. An “Map” Page showing your clients/customers how to get to your office. Please ensure you scroll down on the Menu of the demo site to see the example
  8. A “Link” Page to your Main Website, if one is available
  9. A simple “drag-and-drop” page with a “3-step” approach for you to make announcement, deliver a coupon, RSVP, provide a deal, place an order, etc. We will show you how easy it is that you will laugh!
  10. A voice messaging system for your clients/customers to leave you a message directly on your website without having to worry about costs of the phone call. This feature is available to Android users only although a page is available for iOS users to leave a written message
  11. A Chinese Social Media Share Button page just in case your clients/customers are Chinese and they want to share the information about your mobile website with their friends. We also include a Whatsapp share button which would open up the app in the mobile phone for Android users
  12. A game page to keep your mobile website viral and your clients/customers from boredom and frequent your mobile website more often
  13. A “Re-direct Script” to redirect al mobile phone users visiting your Main Site to the Mobile Site
  14. Worry free hosting of your Mobile Site. All we ask is that you reply to our “information update” email we send out periodically. It is beneficial for you to keep your information updated. Furthermore, it is a free service!
  15. A backend “Control Center” mobile website where you could organize and execute what your clients/customers see in your mobile website at will. You are in control! The “Control Center” mobile website could also be used on desktop where it is more convenient for you to work on
  16. Integration with third party FREE software and services, done-for-you and ready to use:
  • Integration with appear.in, an easy to use live video conference and text chatting platform where you could hold private meetings, interviews, etc. up to 8 people without having to sign-up and/or subscribe
  • Integration with blab.im, a live video broadcast/streaming platform where you could hold webinars, product demonstrations, provide a sales pitch to the world literally! What is more amazing is that you may twitter the world while you are doing this so twitter users could come and watch your show! Where we add value is that after your activities are done and recorded, your clients/customers could come directly to your mobile website for replay
  • Integration with zoho.com calendar, so that your event calendar could be published and viewed by your clients/customers on your mobile website. The public calendar is also an excellent way to show your availability if well maintained
  • Integration with Dropbox (including setup of new independent account) using dropitto.me interface for easy uploading of files from your clients and customers, although this feature is best utilized on desktop
  • Setup of Share Folder for Dropbox so that you could make your files (e.g. images,pdf, video, MS-Office) easily view and downloaded directly from the mobile website

The 123 process

To make the process simple, we only ask that you complete a form to tell us about your company and your mobile website will be ready in 72 hours. You do not need to worry about hosting, web design, etc. It is as simple as that!