About Us

About Mobilereflect.com

This site is proudly owned by You Plus Link Limited,  a consultancy firm specialized in helping foreign companies creating awareness and penetrating the China market. Likewise, it also helps China in reaching out to the world, be it in business, education, real estate purchasing, tourism, etc.  In short, our goal is to be the bridge between China and the world.

Communication through Mobile Phone Website

The broader goal of our company is help the world enhance communication. Mobilereflect.com is created to do just that. By downsizing you main website information to one that is easily accessible on mobile phones and devices, we believe would enhance your business opportunities. In short, mobilereflect.com is here to help with you make a presence and communicate with the world at ease, using mobile website on cell phones and devices.

Communication using Video

To further support your goal in providing better communications through mobile phone website , we strongly encourage you  to incorporate video in your phone presentation as watching a video over the mobile phone is much more easier than reading an article. If you do not have a video about your company, please visit our partner’s site.